How much experience  do you have shooting weddings?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your photographer. With Sunny Photography you have the peace of mind that we have been shooting weddings as a husband and wife team professionally since 2007. During this time we have photographed Sikh, Hindu, Gujarati, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, Pashtan, Christian and simple civil weddings. As well as having an eye for photography, we are also extremely technically minded and constantly train and develop our skills.

Do you cover both sides for weddings?

In a short answer, yes!

We are frequently approached by couples that wish to have their wedding covered by one company or team as opposed to hiring two separate photographers (and getting two different styles of images). Our feedback from clients has been fantastic and we welcome the opportunity to shoot both sides! In fact, it can work out better value to have us covering the entire wedding!

What is your style  of photography?

Sunny Photography tends to shoot in a discreet photojournalistic way. We capture the moments as they happen without making ourselves the centre of attention. This way we find that our images look completely natural and spontaneous. However, when direction or posing of a scene is necessary for group shots or couple shoots for example, we are more than happy to take charge.

Can we book you for just the wedding day ?

Yes! You can also book us for engagements and night-before parties.

What is a ‘pre-wedding shoot ‘ and why should I have one?

A pre-wedding shoot is an informal, light-hearted, get-to-know-each-other kind of shoot. We get to know you and vice versa. After all, we are going to be photographing the most important day of your life so we think it is particularly important that you know exactly how we shoot. Plus, the final images from the pre-shoot will look amazing on the plasma screens at your reception!

What if we want a ‘post-wedding shoot’?

That can be arranged. Just let us know as early as possible the date you might want to arrange it and depending on our availability we can advise you on costs, locations and other details.

Can we have our pre-wedding shoot anywhere ?

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to think creatively about where they would like to have their shoot. It can be a gentle stroll in the park to a romantic dinner for two (under the Eiffel Tower if you like!) – and everything in between.

What if it rains or snows on our pre-wedding shoot?

We check the weather constantly prior to a shoot and although we personally love rain, snow, mud, rivers, climbing and we don’t mind getting our equipment wet and dirty, we do advise that dry weather is best for a pre-wedding shoot. If we need to re-book we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you cover other types of photography such as birthday parties and events?

Yes! We can cover birthdays, engagements, commercial events and more. Fill in the contact form with the details and we will get back to you asap!

Do you do beauty/fashion/makeup artist/model portfolios?

Yes. We have worked closely with several individuals from within the beauty & fashion industry and have always had extremely positive feedback with our work. Feel free do drop me a line here and lets discuss your requirements.

Are there terms and conditions I should be aware of?

Yes. As capturing a wedding is a live event it is crucial that the photographer knows what he is doing and where to be at all times. Due to our extensive knowledge of asian wedding events (mainly Sikh, but we are learning all the time!) we are generally on top of the day and assuming your day goes to plan (according to your itinerary) we will try our hardest to capture and fit in everything you ask for (within reason!).  Below you will find a few important terms and conditions that apply to all the weddings we undertake and which we make sure our clients are aware of prior to booking.

  • Payment – all payments are to be made prior to the event date(s), aside from circumstances where affordability is an issue where we can then draw up a monthly payment plan where we ask you to set up a convenient payment anniversary date and all we ask is that you pay via standing order every month. As long as payments are made, we are happy and will proceed with capturing your event as well as carrying out all post production. If a payment is not going to happen on a particular month for any reason all we ask is that we are notified so we can budget for this. If monthly payments stop so do we – and we can only resume once the entire remaining payment is made. Paying on a monthly basis also means you will have all your final images handed to you once payments have been completed. We can also provide you with a proofing gallery to preview your images providing you have kept up with payments. All other bookings will receive all hi-res images and a proofing gallery for album selection once the final edits have been completed.
  • Itinerary - All weddings are fundamentally very similar, however each couple and family have their own way they would like to do things. For this reason it is crucial that an itinerary be provided so we have a good round-about idea of how the day is expected to pan out (even if it doesn’t go to plan!).
  • The reason you book us - This is the simple one. You book us because you like our style of shooting, the way we capture images and the way we edit our images to bring out the best of what we have captured. In fact, at our consultation we have a specific library of full weddings for you to view – not just the ‘pretty portfolio’ pictures because we are confident in our abilities and passion for what we love to do. If you have any doubts, we would love to reassure you however we would much prefer you book somebody you feel more comfortable with and whose style is exactly what you want – we genuinely want you to have the very best wedding photography experience even if that is not with ourselves!
  • The final product – We love to deliver the sort of images we love to capture. Given that no two weddings are identical it is important to understand that every event is different in terms of the subject (you, the client), the venue (outdoor, indoor, good lighting, poor lighting) and the weather (no sun, too much sun, too cold, too hot) and many other variables. With this in mind we endeavour to capture the best possible images we can for your special day. The photos that are taken are post-processed and finished to get the very best out of each image. They are creatively enhanced and provided to you to share, print and enjoy.
  • Consultation – During our initial meeting we go through all of the above with you as well as many other contract-related things such as health and safety, logistics, copyright, stages of work (i.e. photographing the wedding, post production, image selection for album and album design). We also direct you here either via a link, telephone call or when you’re sat with us, just so we know you understand everything.
  • Termination of contract – Any form of harassment during any events we undertake, or any form of non-payment before or after an event we undertake (aside from any advanced notices made to us) means it is within our right to terminate our contractual obligations to you. This is a business we love and and it relies heavily on gentlemen’s agreements, verbal as well as signed contracts in order to provide a high level of service to you.
  • Finally – If you have any queries about the above please contact us, or if you would like to view our extended standard contract (we recommend that you do!) please click here.